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Österreich Kärnten Brauchtumsfest Villacher Kirchtag

Combine harvester diving, painted cows, men in kilts and Austria’s largest lemon garden. It’s what makes the Villach Region so unique, unusual and particularly appealing.

Austria’s largest citrus garden

Do you know where the lemons blossom? Italy? No, the Villach Region! On Lake Faak you will find Austria’s largest citrus collection in Michael Ceron’s citrus garden. With over 240 varieties and 2,000 plants up to four metres high.


Monkey business?

All good, clean fun: on Monkey Mountain in Landskron 152 Japanese macaques roam around freely. And they can even swim and dive. Just like on television.


Carinthian kilt cult

Think there were only men in kilts in Scotland? Far from it, as Villach is a stronghold of the kilt cult. What do Carinthians wear under their kilts? You’ll have to ask designer Thomas Rettl there. The successful businessman with shops in Villach, Klagenfurt and Graz created the kilts with tartan reminiscent of local costumes. Incidentally, even Sean Connery and members of European royal families enjoy wearing the unusual but stylish Rettl fashions.


1,300 butterfly species

A staggering 1,300 different species of butterflies fly around on Villach’s nearest mountain, Dobratsch. This makes Villacher Alpe a true haven for butterflies. It’s not only testimony to the pristine environment if you want to visit it, but also keeps the local zoologists happy trying to determine all the species.


Star gazing – Austria’s most modern hotel observatory

Pacheiner observatory is located on the summit of Gerlitzen at an altitude of 1,900 metres and is the most modern and best equipped of any hotel in the country. The pride of the Pacheiner observatory is one of the largest telescopes open to the public in Austria. A look into the depths of the universe – an enthralling experience for all ages.


Carnival time.

Villach is Austria’s carnival capital. The fun starts every year on the 11th of the 11th at 11.11. Highlight on Carnival Saturday: the largest parade of its kind in Austria. With 150 groups, over 3,000 in fancy dress and tens of thousands watching.


Holy cow, it’s the menu.

If you suddenly come across painted cows on Gerlitzen Alpe, don’t worry – it’s not a sign of altitude sickness. The animals act as a walking menu for the alpine restaurant beside the Neugarten lake. A quick look at the decorative items painted on the side of the cows (in natural dye) and you know what they’ll be serving. Berta advertises sandwiches, Sissi garlic soup and Bianca apple strudel.


Combine harvester diving

Let’s be honest, anyone can go wreck diving. But combine harvester diving – that really is something. Beside the Neugarten chalet restaurant on Gerlitzen Alpe there’s a lake. And at the bottom of the lake there’s a scrap combine harvester you can dive down to. If you want to go swimming here, you would be advised to borrow a wet suit. At an altitude of 1,600 metres, the water’s never warmer than 21 degrees.


10,000 litres of soup

Villach Fair is the largest traditional festival in Austria. Highlight: the parade with over 3,500 in local costumes taking part. Food attraction: 10,000 litres of the traditional Villach Fair soup alone are served.


Austria’s only island hotel

Who says that an island always has to be in the sea? In the Villach Region there is one in Caribbean-like Lake Faak. With woods, tennis courts, a beach, large sunbathing area and the only island hotel in Austria. Four stars, spa and restaurant – also for non-residents!


The ‘May stream’ is another hot spring not far from Warmbad’s spa hotels that only starts when the snow melts on Dobratsch or there is heavy rain. That causes an underground reservoir to overflow and fill the Maibachl with thermal water. Warm, healing water then gushes into the two natural ponds at 28 degrees. Not only in May, but all year round when the weather is suitable. Then the newspapers report it, the Maibachl friends post it on Facebook and they all meet for a dip in the lovely warm water in the middle of the woods.

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