Österreich Kärnten Pilgerwege Villach

The heart in the heart of Carinthia. The village 20 kilometres north of Villach is actually the province’s geographical centre.

An idyllic path takes you from Arriach to the red platform designating the centre spot. There a break in the forest gives you beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

What makes a holiday in Arriach so special is that feeling of the great outdoors. Stress is so far away. The mountains are so close. Perfect for walking through shady forests, over lush alpine meadows, past crystal-clear mountain streams. At the geographical centre of Carinthia the two nearest peaks are Wöllaner Nock and Gerlitzen Alpe. A tip: two fascinating stages of the famous Alpe-Adria Trail from Grossglockner to the Adriatic Sea go through Arriach (stages 17 and 18).


Interested in culture? In and around Arriach you will find the largest Protestant church in the province, the Vier-Evangelisten-Kirche, and impressive Catholic churches. Also worth seeing is Lackner Stadl, Carinthia’s oldest wooden barn dating back to 1593. The Carinthian timber trail runs through Arriach and points out a number of well-preserved traditional wooden houses.


Another interesting sight in Arriach: the world’s largest climbing boot (size 1025) beside Klösterle chair lift. And on the Arriach farm trail, you can marvel at a candelabra spruce in Laastadt that branches into seven. Over 30 metres high, its trunk circumference is eight metres at the bottom. The tree is said to be about 500 years old. And then there are the cows. Nothing special? In Arriach they are. Here they act as walking menus for Neugarten alpine restaurant on Gerlitzen. In large letters Berta advertises buttermilk, Bianca apple strudel, etc. – a farmer with a sense of humour.

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