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Bad Bleiberg

It was purely by chance that underground thermal springs were discovered here in 1951. Miners were actually extracting lead as usual when they struck hot water, changing the fate of the mining village for ever. Today it is no longer miners who come here but people seeking to relieve stress, respiratory diseases and rheumatic complaints. Bad Bleiberg with its thermal springs in the valley west of Villach has now been turned into a renowned spa and health resort with top-class hotels and a therapy centre. Where the thermal water bubbles up. Soothing. Stimulating. Providing relief.

Another relic from the mining days are Friedrich and Thomas, two underground health galleries open to the public. Breathe freely – in a healthy atmosphere at a temperature of 8 degrees and 99 per cent relative humidity. For your health. Bad Bleiberg is also the northern gateway to the Dobratsch nature park and one of the four park villages. A large number of signposted paths lead up Dobratsch, Erzberg and along the valley. You only have to decide whether you want to hike, jog or go Nordic walking. Enjoy a gentle trail on the level or a more challenging uphill route, just as you wish.


Some of the former pits in Bad Bleiberg are used today as show mines. One, Terra Mystica, provides an insight into the subterranean world while another, Terra Montana, depicts the miners’ working life. On a lighter note, there is entertaining Terra Humoristica – with funny situations in ceramics. An experience for all the family.

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