Österreich Kärnten Museum Nötscher Kreis Region Villach


It was the light. That unique light that fascinated the artists in Nötsch at the foot of Dobratsch.

So much so that they formed a group, a centre of impressionist art known as the Nötsch Circle. The painters who belonged to it included such internationally recognised names as Sebastian Isepp, Anton Mahringer, Franz Wiegele and Anton Kolig. Today paintings by the artists and their followers can still be seen in the Wiegele bakery and mill (the oldest still working in southern Carinthia) in Nötsch.

Visit the museum or go on a guided walk to gain a real insight into the lives led here by the Nötsch Circle artists. Other sights to see? How about a horse and cart ride along the river? Or a guided walk with local knowledge provided by a park ranger? The more adventurous can explore the River Gail by canoe. Rafting? No problem! More excitement: flying over Nötsch and the area round Dobratsch in a small plane.

For those who prefer a more leisurely pace: 50 kilometres of signposted walking trails, bike paths and bridleways as well as ideal angling spots await you. Take your pick of the fun pool or nearby lakes for a swim afterwards. The Nötsch people enjoy a party, as St Joseph’s market on 19 March, the Gail Valley fair with traditional barrel bashing on horseback in summer and the polenta festival in October all show.

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