Österreich Kärnten Skitour Naturpark Dobratsch Villach

Dobratsch nature park

Winter wonder mountain

Österreich Kärnten Schneeschuhwandern Naturpark Dobratsch Villach

Eco-friendly winter sports. Enjoy ski touring, cross-country skiing and winter walking to your heart’s content in Carinthia’s oldest nature park.

Naturally. If you hear the call of the wild in winter, Dobratsch is the place to go. In fact, if anything it’s almost more attractive in the cold weather. With a backdrop straight out of a nature film, vast swathes of mountains stretching out in front of you, steep slopes, rocky crags, frozen streams, mysterious animal tracks and crunching snow.


Unspoilt. Many years ago, Carinthia’s oldest nature park decided to focus solely on eco-tourism. And here it’s not just a buzzword but a commitment to sustainability. Because Villacher Alpe has something very valuable to preserve: unspoilt countryside with all its flora and fauna worth protecting. Absolute paradise for ski touring, cross-country skiing and winter walking.

The best starting points for these sports are Rosstratte at the end of the Villach Alpine Road and the alpine rock garden. If you are fit, your can set off from Heiligengeist. At the summit there is a welcome sight – a restaurant for mulled wine and delicious Carinthian specialities. Interesting: the lodge is an ultramodern, energy self-sufficient passive house with 40 beds. And when night falls, there’s nothing quite like snowshoeing by full moon. Great fun: sledging on the groomed tobogganing hill at Rosstratte. There’s a snow playground here too. Not just for the kids…

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